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      Minzheng abalone comes from dongshan island, an important abalone breeding base in coastal fujian province. It has a high standard of fresh water quality and feeds natural food such as asparagus. The cultivation method of natural growth has contributed to the high quality of minzheng abalone.

      Throughout the year, fujian is always only in season is fresh abalone, abalone normal survival rate as high as 95%. Carefully selected high-quality eight-head bao bao, weighing 55-60g, with thick and elastic meat, complete and round and full individual, bao bao meat and shell are closely linked, presenting the most complete and fresh ultimate seafood.

      In order to put an end to shell change, bubble medicine, add ice, water injection and other hidden dangers, fujian is strictly control the shrinkage rate of less than 10%, in the processing technology to use the unique blanching patent technology, blanching bao fish to eight mature, for the customer close cook off the excess water, the real figure a try to know. Blanching after the 80% mature abalone through the quick-frozen preservation refrigeration package, has firmly locked the fresh taste of abalone. After opening the bag, only need to cook for about 3 minutes to eat, convenient and quick.

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